Ngatira Tennis Club offers all members:

  • court space from 7.00am to 9.00pm year-round;

  • an online booking system;

  • floodlighting for night play;

  • 10 hours of scheduled club play per week;

  • coaching options including 12 hours of free group coaching per year.


  • Standard membership                                                               $395.00

  • Juniors (under-18)                                                                          $225.00

  • Veterans (over-65)                                                                        $225.00

  • Students (holding a student ID)                                                           $225.00

  • Family members (in the same household as a member paying the standard fee)      $225.00

  • Occasional players (playing no more than once a week)                            $225.00

  • Club officers                                                                           $225.00

The annual fee is due in September 2020.

It includes Tennis Auckland and Tennis NZ affiliation fees, and GST.

A quarterly fee applies for part-year membership.

Cost for fob $40


$10 visitor fee with a member.

$30 for non-members.



  • DIRECT to the Ngatira Tennis Club account 12 3049 0302695 00

  • CHEQUE to Ngatira Tennis Inc. Post to The Treasurer, Ngatira Tennis Club, 24 Clive Road, Mt Eden.

  • CASH – leave with payer details in the Honesty Box at the clubhouse


If you'd like to join our club, please click on Sign Up and fill in the form and we can get the ball rolling (or bouncing across the court!)

Schedule of Tennis Week:

Doubles matches:

Mon/Wed/Fri 10-12pm

Club night: Thurs: 4:30-7pm

Club Coaching Thurs: 7-8pm (Term 1 & 4 only)

Junior Coaching Fri:5-6pm (Term 1 & 4 only)